Quote about Lectio

The following quote was in my inbox yesterday morning as part of Christine Valters Paitner's daily devotion; it's about lectio divina: She writes,
"In the ancient monastic practice of lectio divina, the desert monks, and later the Benedictines, believed that the texts of the scriptures were alive and shimmering with words God speaks to each of us directly in this moment of our lives. The underlying assumption of lectio is that the whole world is, in fact, a 'text' of sacred revelation. All experience has the potential to be revelatory and God is singing one unending song seducing each of our hearts. And so the call is to listen; the practice is to attune myself to the words God utters into the world."
I hope you notice the shimmering, living presence of God at work in the whole world today. I hope the day offers us opportunities to listen and attune ourselves to wonder. 

With love and gratitude, 

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