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Greetings! How are you? How's has your weekend been?

Are we connected yet on Instagram? I hope so. I'm @emilyannecarson.

For the last couple weeks I've been having such fun on Sundays creating images for the week to go along with quotes from whatever book I've read the past week. This week's Instagram images will be accompanied by helpful quotes from a book I wrapped up on Saturday morning called "Louder than Words" by Todd Henry.

Below are some images I've been making lately with PicMonkey. The last five images are this week's visuals for Instagram. I made them by using my photography and layering it with public domain ornamental leaf engravings of Benjamin Fawcett (1808-1893) for the book “New and Rare Beautiful-Leaved Plants” by Shirley Hibberd. Click here for the link to Raw Pixel images.

One of my favorite passages from "Louder than Words": 
“Once you recognize that rejection is simply an opinion, it frees you to follow your intuition and add unique value. You cannot allow the fear of rejection to silence you…There isn’t a single successful person I’ve encountered…who hasn’t at some point felt inadequate to the task. The key to making a contribution, and ultimately finding your voice, is often the simple willingness to act in the face of fear and uncertainty. You have to let go of your fear of what you think you must be so that you can embrace the possibility of what you might be.”

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