Life is full of doorways.
Every doorway is an opportunity to enter or not.

This is a gift.
We choose the doors we enter and the doors we don't.
The paths we take and the paths we don't.

Some doors are locked for a long time. 
When we circle back around years later, sometimes they are unlocked.

Some doors are perpetually open. 
For all of our days, we can enter those doors.
Some doors are perpetually closed.
That's okay, too. 
We can't enter every doorway. 

This is life.
Doors and doors and doors of possibility. 

Here's another gift: we can't get it wrong. 

Often we mistakenly believe that there's a right doorway and a wrong doorway.
We believe that if we end up choosing the wrong one, we will have spoiled it all. 

"The right door is long past now"
"I ruined everything"
"I can never have the life I should've had because I picked the wrong door"

These are all lies. 
They've been around for a long time.
These are the lies that prevent us from exploring all the beautiful doorways.
These are the lies that leave us frozen and afraid.

A beautiful mystery: there are always more doors.

Every day. 

Every day we wake up and we can't even imagine the new doors that will unfold.

We turn right and there are doors.

We turn left and there are doors.

It's an adventure. 
It's a gift.
We can't do it wrong. 

Just keep going. 

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  1. Thank you for this great lesson, Emily. I needed this. You just keep helping me and helping me and helping me................... Great direction!