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Summertime, summertime. Oh how I love thee. It's been a summer of work and play and adventure. Back in June, while working through my Lara Casey Powersheets, I picked a word for these precious months. I picked the word SAVOR - which means "to give oneself to the enjoyment of."

So that's been the main item on my daily agenda. Savor it all. Every single drop. Work and play and breakfast and bedtime and adventures and databases and vegetables. Family and friends. Savoring all of it!

I'm trying my best to release the stuff that doesn't really matter - and focus on all the goodness with a spirit of gratitude.

Work has been wonderful lately; I don't talk about it much here or on social media. So this is a quick pause to say: I love my job and my colleagues and the folks I get to serve. The work itself is rewarding and enjoyable. It's a great gig, and I'm loving it. 2.5 years into the Director of Communications position, and I'm finding a definite sweet spot.

Now - a few recent travel recommendations! I went to see some friends in IL last Monday! It was a quick trip full of laughing and conversational bliss. A few of the stops...

Blackberry Farm in Aurora, IL
My friend, Joy, and I went here with her two little guys. It was so fun, interesting, and clean! What a grand place for kids and families. Big fan!
Flight Deck Bar and Grill in Rochelle, IL
I highly recommend the cobb salad! It's gluten-free. And it came with a side of SKYDIVERS! You can literally watch people skydiving right from the restaurant. 
H-Mart in Naperville, IL
Oh me, oh my. I was afraid this place was too out of the way, but Joy insisted because she knows me very well. And she knows that there are few places on earth that bring me as much joy as a Korean grocery store. I think H-Mart is my secondary love language. :) 
Woory Market in Schaumburg, IL
On Tuesday morning I woke up and headed into Schaumberg to see my friend, Yoojin! We hung out at the library and then stopped by another Korean grocery store. I loaded up on red bean paste and seaweed. I actually teared up at this market. I'm not sure why. I think it was happiness to be seeing Yoojin and total gratitude for the Chicago years. 
Schaumburg Township District Library in Schaumburg, IL
Awesome library with a great little cafe! Yoojin and I each had a cup of tea. 
Janesville Visitors Center in Janesville, WI
On my drive back to Stewartville, I pulled off of Interstate 90 at the Janesville exit. I'd never been there and wanted a stretch break. So I gave myself 90 minutes to explore! First top: the visitors center. GREAT stop! Very helpful recommendations, maps, brochures, and coupons! 
Rock County Historical Society in Janesville, WI
This was my primary Janesville stop, and I learned a bunch! Then I got back in the car and headed home. If you have any special interest in Abe Lincoln (he stayed overnight at the house next door) or Pickard China, then it's definitely worth a stop! 

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  1. You got some great photos! Looks like you found some very interesting places. Eating lunch while watching skydivers sounds amazing, and the historical society sounds like it has some great...history! Lately we've been stopping by a little Asian market in Waterloo; it's run by some Burmese immigrants. Since my Thai grandma is with us for the summer, we've been enjoying lots of awesome Asian cooking!