CSA Idea


Every Wednesday I pick-up my Featherstone Farm box at Dunn Brothers. It is a weekly treasure trove of herbs and vegetables. I am grateful for these organic yum-yums, and I always try my best to get through the full box each and every week. But sometimes it's hard! Even with just the solo share! There's a lot of food in there. 

In case you, too, sometimes end up with extra veggies from friends, farmer's markets, and CSAs, I've got an idea for you. Here's one of my favorite ways to use the veggies of my CSA when they start to pile up! I use a great big wok, and it works very well. 

greens of all sorts


*Saute 3 onions in olive oil until translucent
*Add 3-5 sliced zucchini and continue cooking
*When everything has started to brown, add in the greens! I added a full bunch of chopped kale and chopped chard

Total cook time is somewhere between 20-30 minutes.

This makes a lot of food! After cooking it down and through, I end up with several tupperware full. 

I love to eat these veggies anytime of the day. They're especially tasty with feta on the top or an egg on the side. They're also a nice side for a meat dish. I like to make a bunch at once and then eat it all week. It's great with fresh parsley on the top, too. 


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