Thursday Highlights

Today's joys...


This was a precious moment! Silver Lake is a safe haven for many Rochester geese and their goslings. After a morning walk I headed to work and on the way was stopped by a long tail of geese! There appeared to be just two parents - but a few different families of goslings of varying heights. It took a few minutes for them all to cross. A few stragglers took their sweet time. It made for a nice smile and giggle for everyone in their cars waiting.


Two walks at Silver Lake today (one before work and one after) provided moments of fellowship, conversation, and tranquility. I'm grateful for my walking buddies, Fitbit, Beachbody challenge group, and the Sweat with Kayla app! All sorts of incentives to increase my sense of overall wellness and strength! It feels good to feel strong and connected.


Today's reflection in Daily Affirmations was so good. I encourage you to pause and read it. I love that last paragraph especially. "I am a powerful person. I also acknowledge that I am not a Superperson." That has been a big distinction for me - I'm powerful but I don't have magical powers. And that last line is so good - such a powerful reminder for all of us: "I don't have to do it alone."


I got to try a new restaurant over lunch today with my pal, Ann! Five West! It's a Rochester restaurant and I hadn't been there yet. I tried the soup (it was decent) and a side of brussels sprouts. I liked the brussels sprouts a lot - though they were a little overly sweetened for my tastebuds. I'd definitely go back. Next time I'm going to try the salmon!

Hope you had a good Thursday, too!