Happy New Year

I hope your 2016 is off to such a great start.

Cliche, cliche...but cliches are often true - and when it comes to a "new" year, the "blank slateness" of it is quite alluring. So much possibility. 2015 was a season of learning and resilience-building and hell on earth. 

I envision that 2016 will be about consistent routines, healing, trust, "conscious, collaborative relationships," and reading books! More to come on all that soon. 

The past week was pretty rough in medical world. But Tuesday was a bright spot. I didn't have to get any pokes or platelets on Tuesday and was able to be home all day working on my planner programs for 2016! And my mom has been a great trooper of support and encouragement. She's been hanging out all weekend and joining me for all the medical this and that, and we always find ways to laugh and relax.

 I was supposed to spend Thursday-Saturday with my sweetheart and his family in Iowa for New Years and their family Christmas, but I ran out of platelets and had to be here for tests and infusions. It was a B-U-M-M-E-R. Then I was going to see my college freshman year roomie this morning and cousin this afternoon in Iowa, too. But had to cancel all that as well. 

Canceling all the time is getting O-L-D. 

Good news: my hematologist and I had a face-to-face appointment on Wednesday and made a good plan. It will involve lots of careful monitoring and blood tests 3 times a week for the next couple months. But that is okay because it means that by March, my count should be stable and the correct medication amount will be discerned. I have great hope. I'm thrilled at the prospect of being able to make plans and avoid massive amounts of cancelations.

2016. So much potential.  

I hope you are looking at the year ahead and feeling a similar sense of possibility. 

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