Music Monday

Good morning!

Yesterday started out great and then took a less-than-great turn.
But...it's 6AM, and I fully intend that the week is headed back on the great side. 

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful morning mall walk with a friend. Then errands and a blood test. I also stopped at Clothes Mentor to I got rid of all my clothing items that did not create a positive sensation. Bonus: they took almost all of the items and I earned $21.75!

The afternoon was lovely! A friend hosted a Vietnamese lunch at her home. It was DELICIOUS, fun, and she was so intentional about making everything gluten-free. I loved it all - especially the Vietnamese coffee - my new favorite beverage. 

Then I got the call from hematology...no platelets. UFF-DAH! Just in time for a snow storm.  

So I had to go back to the hospital as the blizzard was beginning for an injection and a transfusion of platelets. I took a room with a chair only instead of a bed, and that seemed to expedite the waiting. I was home by 5:30pm and the drive wasn't too bad. On the positive side, I am thankful for my hematology team, the Infusion Therapy Center nurses, and the plethora of platelet donors who have kept me alive this year. Thanks ya'll! Also thankful: I'm feeling great and had no clue my count was low since it was still at the alarmingly, dangerously high level 5 days ago. 

I'm hunkered home for today and ready to work on all my 2016 goals and plans. 

And I'm very joyful about getting a FACE TO FACE visit with my actual hematologist tomorrow which hasn't happened for about 15 months. I'm planning to bring a list of my hopes, goals, and expectations for platelet count management in 2016. I am hoping that extra blood draws in January and February can create a better record so that we know exactly when to schedule injections and at exactly which level. The medication works great - we just haven't mastered the dosing. It seems to go between crazy high and crazy low. Looking for the sweet spot of "middle ground" in the year ahead, and I know it's possible. I look forward to hearing my hematologists thoughts and recommendations for a sustainable treatment plan. 

Here are some peaceful Youtube channels: 


  1. Sorry to hear about the platelet roller coaster! Hope you can get out today and enjoy the beauty of new fallen snow!