Good evening

Good evening.

Mom and I had some fun after work tonight.


Thank you, platelet and blood donors of the world.

Have you heard the song St Jude by Florence and the Machine? It's good.

How about the song Fly by Meadowlark? Also good.

I bought Mary Oliver's new book of poetry called Felicity. It's excellent. You should order it, too. And then read it before bed and savor every word like a bite of homemade strawberry cheesecake.


Have you heard the new Ben Folds song? Phone in a Pool? I love this lyric:
Is my malfunction so surprising cause I always seem so stable and bright? Ain't it always the quiet types?
The October 22 episode of On Being is one of my favorite ever! 

It's about givers and takers and generosity. Very inspiring. If you listen, drop me a comment; I'd love to discuss!

I hope your week is progressing in a lovely fashion. Or at least a moderately pleasant fashion.

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