Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I stumbled across a great new show after wrapping up season 3 of House of Cards (Can someone please process that finale with me? Why, DOUG STAMPER, WHY!?!).

This show comes in hilarious, 20-minute chunks. It's the perfect giggle track for your pre-bedtime routine.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The premise is ridiculous, and the show is silly. But I laugh out loud at least once every episode. And Kimmy is so charming and optimistic. You'll love her (maybe). Ellie Kemper is the actress, and I think she's great!

This show is a Netflix original, and it was created by the same team as 30 Rock. Let me know if you dig it! Warning: the show is very tongue & cheek in its portrayals of race/gender/sexuality. Some people have criticized the show for being narrow-minded - but in my interpretation of the show, I think they are trying to bring to light the very issues they are being criticized for. So just know that the writers of the show are being ironic/sarcastic a lot...this is not a program to take literally.

Hope you enjoy! Any other comedy recommendations?

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  1. I'm loving Unbreakable, too. I recommend this essay on what the show gets right:

    It's written be a woman who grew up in a preapocalyptic cult.