This awesome sculpture exists at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. But I accidentally deleted my photo of the artist's information and the piece's title! Do any of you know?

I remember that this sculpture had a really interesting caption - and mentioned that the artist is representing a family portrait. And the "pokey" nature of the piece is a reminder of the sometimes uncomfortable nature of family gatherings. I like the sculpture because it is so honest and somewhat comedic. In an endearing sort of way. Lately I have continued doing just a bit of genealogy work; it's so fascinating!

And here's a complimentary poem by Mary Oliver called "The Family":

The dark things of the wood
Are coming from their caves,
Flexing muscle.

They browse the orchard,
Nibble the sea of grasses
Around our yellow rooms,

Scarcely looking in
To see what we are doing
And if they still know us.

We hear them, or think we do:
The muzzle lapping moonlight,
The tooth in the apple.

Put another log on the fire;
Mozart, again, on the turntable,
Still there is a sorrow

With us in the room.
We remember the cave.
In our dreams we go back

Or they come to visit.
They also like music.
We eat leaves together.

They are our brothers.
They are the family
We have run away from.

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