Food Budget & Herb Tea


Good Wednesday morning to you! Wednesdays are for posts on food and my 2015 budget. The goal is to spend $120/month or less on food which includes groceries and eating out. So far, so good. It's a challenge but it's not hard....yet. Easy for me to say, right? It's only January 7. LONG way go to.

(I wanted to mention that I will continue to take the Juice Plus+ supplements this year, and I'm not including that in my food budget. They are phenomenally nutritious vitamins, made of real foods, and I feel great about taking them! If you want more info on them, let me know.)

Part of sticking with my food budget will require me working my way through the foods in the freezer including several zip locks full of frozen herbs from my CSA 1.5 years ago.

I read online that herb teas made with basil and parsley are really healthy! I've been using my tea pot and my french press (which I got for $8 at Tuesday Morning several months ago). To make herb tea with the french press, just put the herbs in the bottom and pour boiling water on top. Steep for 5 minutes or so. Then I let it cool and place it into glass jars for iced tea - or drink it warm for soothing hot tea.

These teas are quite refreshing - both hot and cold. I thought it would be weird and remind me of foods made with those herbs. But it doesn't at all. It just tastes like tea. So far, the only two herbs I've made tea with are flat leaf parsley and purple basil, but I'm looking forward to using up my freezer of herbs. And when those run out, I'll buy fresh herbs at the grocery store; I'm sure I can find a good sale!

What are your favorite herbs?


  1. There is something special about herbs, isn't there? I grew lavender, basil, and rosemary in my garden a while back (was that last year?), and I'd have to say my favorite is lavender. The blossoms are pretty, and it has a relaxing scent that has helped me survive a few headaches.

    1. There really is something so wonderful about herbs! I agree. And they are so fun to grow. Your garden sounds lovely. Lavender is one of my favorites, too. Such a soothing scent.