Column Time

On Thursdays, I plan to post a link to my weekly Post-Bulletin column. It comes out on Wednesday afternoons. Are you a subscriber to the PB? It's a very solid paper and I am deeply thankful to be part of it! Even if you don't subscribe, you still get access to up to 7 articles online per months!

Here's a link to the column. It's about Wartburg and an oversize load.

Here are some other photos from Wartburg day.


Being back on campus after 9 years was a little surreal. Good surreal. But definitely felt like dream world!

Battle of the Unsigned Artists! Seems like only yesterday!

The beautiful chapel.


  1. That "feed deliver box" is really a giant mixer. You put all your ingredients in for the cows, (silage, minerals, soy meal, hay, etc) in at once. Turn on the tractor and it mixes it all together to make delicious food for your cows! (either beef or dairy). Also known as a TMR mixer. (Total Mixed Ration)
    This concludes your farm lesson for the day!