Wellness Update

Good evening to you!

I thought it would be a proper time for a health/wellness update. 

My last IVIG infusion was 2 weeks ago. At the time, I was at a great platelet count of 70, so I thought, "This is nuts! My count is so good! Why do I need a 6-hour IVIG infusion?" 

But Dr. Hook thought it would be good if we stick to one infusion every 3 weeks - to avoid getting into the single digits. (After I get an infusion, my count will keep dropping for about the next week - when it eventually kicks in.)

 Well, Dr. Hook was right! Last week I dropped down to 17. I was scheduled for a second IVIG infusion since the count was remaining low. But then I asked for one last blood test on Friday morning. I was up to 29. Monday I was in the 50s. And today I'm at 85! Yahoo. So I should be good for at least another week or so. Maybe more. 

So that remains the current ITP plan. An IVIG infusion every 3-4 weeks, and I'm still taking 50 mg of Promacta every day. Blood tests every Monday and Thursday. If I didn't talk about it, I don't think anyone would even know. It all mostly blends into normal daily life. 

I feel pretty sure I'm about to have a significant remission. Maybe permanent! 

I do not feel nearly as sad/distracted/frustrated as I did from May-August. The current plan feels manageable to me. I don't worry about bruises anymore. I feel at peace. I cannot really describe how much better this is than I was feeling emotionally earlier this summer...especially during those hospital stretches. And the long, seemingly endless days spent at a count of 1. 

It is a real gift that the pendulum swings. How does it swing? Why does it swing? What changed? I don't really know...but I feel hope again and it feels like living water. #amen
My spirit really got a boost, and I'm thankful for your prayers. The weird platelet allergic reaction was a turning point for me. It was like looking at a scary, ugly fear right in the face...and realizing that I'm stronger than my fears. And remembering that when I overcome those fears, I get braver. 

I still think about the crappy parts of the summer sometimes...and I still ponder whether I'll have do deal with all this forever. I think about babies and the future. I think about how deeply I want to travel the world and not be confined to driving distance of a hospital. It's probably normal to think about all these things. Really, perfectly normal. 

But truly - that's not what I think about most often. The majority of the time...I'm thinking about the people I love, my vocation and the work I feel called to do, and the lifetime of adventures I hope to experience. Thanks be to God. 

Spiritually...I feel renewed in my connection to aspects of life/creation/Holy Spirit that had felt quite distant. It's a good feeling...especially after an extended stretch in which I sensed the reality of God but not the presence of God.

There are such interesting seasons in life. 

In other realms of wellness....

-Low histamine but not NO histamine
-High fruits/veggies
-Taking several supplements including JuicePlus

Areas for improvement....

-SLEEP! I'm only getting 5-6 hours a night lately. Eeep. Need to work on that. Not feeling especially tired, but I am sure more sleepy-sleep would be healthy. 
-Reading: I love to read but it seems like I only spend time doing it on vacation. I used to read all the time. This is a priority!

So...the weird thing about a blog...is that I blab about my life every day. 
But I don't get to hear about your life. I'm saying a prayer right now for everyone who takes the time to read this post - praying for your own wellness journey. I'm not sure where the pendulum currently resides for you...but know that you're not alone and you matter very, very much. 

Anyone want to share the wellness goals they are working on this week? 


  1. So happy to read this, Emily! Grateful that you are feeling encouraged and at peace. It was a rough summer for you. Thanks be to God for another new season to step forward in faith! Thanks for the prayers at the end of your blog post! My new fitness goal is to bring back an emphasis on strength training. Took my first Tabata class this week and really liked it so went back for a second one yesterday! Also returned to a barbell class that I had done earlier in the year and it felt great, too. Feeling "fierce"!

  2. So happy to read your numbers are looking better! You have a lot going on. I'm trying simply to drink more water...even a glass a day is more than I was drinking.

  3. So happy to hear you're doing better! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Ann S.

  4. Things are good here! No accidents on the farm. Thankful for all we have and the health of others.