I am still at the hospital. My counts are moving one notch at a time. From 1 to 2 on Friday. From 2 to 3 yesterday morning. From 3 to 4 at 8pm last night.

A normal count is 150 to 450. After I get to 10, I can be discharged.

In some ways 4 is still extremely low and dangerous. But it is higher than 1. And at least I feel good.

I had to hear all about the death risks of being this low again last night from a hospital staff member. I really wanted to get a 3-hour pass to go to Wabasha and lead worship/preach. But that was a no go. Just too dangerous. Too many things could happen.

I was really, really, really sad. I am most discouraged about my platelets on 2 occasions: (1) when it impacts my vocation and (2) when it interrupts the lives of the people I love.

I called my contact from the church in Wabasha and she was a kind, gracious angel. Everything will be a-okay for worship coverage. There are some retired clergy and lay leaders who are able to help. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Today I will continue to meditate. I will write my column which is due by tonight. I will keep healing and growing. I will imagine brighter days ahead. Because there will be. There will be brighter days ahead.

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