For the next few days, I will be at the annual Synod Assembly of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod. The event takes place Friday-Saturday, and Thursday is set-up day.

I've attended Synod Assembly for the last 5 years, but this is my first time attending as Director of Communications.

Over the last couple months, a multitude of preparations have been underway. The synod staff has been working very hard behind the scenes to help all the pieces come together in time for this weekend. There are also many volunteers who have been busy bees as well.

As the DOC (Director of Communications; I'm not a real Dr. - but let's pretend), some of my projects have included: the compiling of the Pre-Assembly report. Promotions. Web presence. Emails/newsletters. The creation of a worship booklet. Learning more about PowerPoint than I had ever dreamed. Putting together a social media team for the event. Writing my first press release. And a variety of other fun learning adventures!

Truly - there are so many hearts and hands that help Synod Assembly come together. It has been a blast to see it all from a new angle. I'm excited to see everyone gather on Friday morning!

The hope is that this event will be enriching and positive for all attendees. The theme this year is "We Are Called."

If you're interested in following along with all the fun, there are a few ways to do so....

General information (which contains a link to the Pre-Assembly report)

The agenda/schedule

Information for voting members

An introduction to this year's social media team! (Follow these folks online; they're awesome!)

Synod Twitter account

Synod Facebook page

I may post a bit here on the blog over the next several days, but the majority of my posts will be found on Instagram and Twitter (both @emilyannecarson). I hope you'll follow along!

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