#semn2014 wraps up.

(The view from the tech booth!)

The Southeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly of 2014 is now complete.
And I literally cried happy tears on my drive home.

The event went very well. Great music. Great speakers. Lovely fellowship time.
All the Twitterbugs were outstanding. The videographers were wonderful!

Helping coordinate the overall technical production aspects of an event this size was a whole new learning adventure for me. There were some amazing professionals from PSAV and the Mayo Civic Center who were so awesome I teared up when I said goodbye.

Saying goodbye to awesome people - especially if I might not get to see them again - 
often makes me cry. I'm not sure why.

 The tech folks were kind and patient - took time to teach and share ideas - and explain the technical side of things. Our tech volunteers, Anne and Mark, were outstanding. 

The first words that popped out of my mouth after the event concluded:
"That was great! I can't wait until next year."

I'm thankful to be part of this synod.
I'm thankful for God's work in the world.
I'm thankful for opportunities to grow and learn.
I've got a heart of exploding happiness tonight.

Fun side note; I got to do my first tv interview.
My pal, Katie, snapped a pic. :) 

Second side note: 
Have you seen the May issue of Rochester Magazine yet?
It's the Beauty Book issue - some fun interviews and cute pics.
(Don't miss page 64 for a special surprise!
PS: Try to avoid being blinded by my winter-skin paleness.)

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