A new day

Thanks for the nice emails and texts and thoughts lately.
You know just how to encourage me, friends.

I'm going to share a list today! I hope you will share, too.

But first, a quick shout-out to my brother.
Happy birthday, bro-bro.
You're a phenomenal sibling and friend.
Every time I see you and your doggies, 
my heart explodes with family-induced happiness.

Now: list time

List time. 

Have you ever seen this book?
It's a journal full of lists.

Today's list from the book: 

(Side note: I've had some amazing teachers over the years; here's a sampling but it's not all-inclusive. I'm very, very thankful for educators!)

Mrs. and Mrs. Thompson
Mrs. Rueber
Mr. Bailey
Mr. Podhaski
Mrs. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Nichols
Dr. Scholtz
Dr. Klein
Dr. Rossing
Dr. Satterlee

It's your turn! I'd love to see your responses.
Who are a few of the teachers who have changed your life?

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