Mega fun times!

In addition to seeing my hematologist yesterday, I also got to enjoy a fashion photo shoot for Rochester Magazine! It was a total blast.

More updates on the hematologist appointment another day when I am more inclined to write about disappointment, medicine, and platelets. 

Rochester Magazine just started a new monthly feature in the March issue called Style Book. It highlights the clothing, make-up, shoes, and accessories of local vendors. For the April issue, I'll be featuring the hair, make-up, and clothing of Les Wigs Renee & Revelation (and Merle Norman make-up). Shoes from O & B. Renee got me all ready yesterday (wig included). It was SO MUCH FUN! Please meet my alter ego, Harmony.

Jen snapped this pic during the shoot outside the gelato stand.
We also got some pics on the escalator. 

Stayed tuned and watch for the April issue of Rochester Magazine!