Word of the Week

It's time to bring it back! Word of the Week! I cherish seeing your collections of photos and it has been awhile.

You've got one week and two options folks. Please send me a cold pic or a cozy pic by next Thursday. Email it. Text it. Twitter msg it. Facebook it. Whatever works best for you. Do it today while it's fresh in your mind!

Friday is my day off this week and I'm planning to check off several items from my goal list. Also hoping to get a column or two written. Today's goals from the 30 list include:

6. Cook beans in the pressure cooker (they are soaking as we speak!)
9. Watch a subtitled movie (several folks recommend Life is Beautiful and a friend let me borrow it)
10. Complete an embroidery project (will do this while watching movie...unless I can't keep up with the subtitles while sewing)
17. Sew something wearable (planning on either a headband or a pin)
18. Learn a magic trick (no clue; I'll google it)
22. Make a necklace (need to either make it with embroidery floss or head to Michaels and get jewelry making supplies)

Time to get busy!

Have a great Friday.

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  1. If you need jewelry supplies come on over as have scads of everything.