A quick update...

I got released on Wednesday from the hospital. And I have been at Mom's since then.

On the bummer side, I have continued throwing up and have been plagued by awful headaches. It's all related to the IVIG infusions, which I got really close together.

On the positive side, the infusions worked! My count is way up up up.

Now I just need to get back to my usual, spunky self. And eventually move beyond applesauce and soda crackers. I am hoping to be back to a relative normal by early next week. Until then, my eyes will be primarily closed, resting up. And hoping to never ever ever have that low of a platelet count again!

Thanks for your patience here on the blog. I will be back to it next week.


  1. Prayers for continued healing.

  2. Hang in there, Em! Moms are ultra special, aren't they!