Not my favorite


Well, sometimes things do not go as planned.

I am still at the hospital. The platelets went back down. Maybe tomorrow morning will bring better news.

Somehow I didn't even have a small cry yet today! Maybe before bed. Or maybe I just don't feel like crying today. I just want to be better. And I hate this stupid platelet problem.

Some positives.....
-encouraging texts and emails
-fabulous visits from fabulous friends
-a mom who works at the hospital and visits on her breaks and then stays for many more hours after work
-nice doctors and nurses
-watching The Voice
-ordering mashed potatoes twice in the same day
-taking a shower
-meds for the IVIG headache
-a beautiful view from this room
-remembering Luther's words back in 1521 about Sunday's gospel lesson: 'When God feels the farthest away, he is nearest'

Okay. I just had a small cry.

And now it's time for sleep. Hope. And a new day.




  1. Hope counts are up today! Miss you at Zion:)
    Oh yeah...Happy Bosses Day! I know you may not technically be my "boss" but you and Byron are great to work with!