Word of the Week: Preparations

Fridays are made for photo sharing here on the blog!

I share a word at some point in the week, and then you look through your photos and choose one to pass along. After that, you email it to me at the address written below. (I have free texting again, so you can also share your photo via text!)

On Fridays, I post all the pics!

Seeing the collection of photos you send in is one of my weekly highlights, and I hope it is enjoyable for you, too.

The goal is never that this adds a layer of stress or worry to your schedule. But instead, the hope is that it provides you a moment to pause and reflect. And it also gives you a chance to share your photography! Maybe it's a photo from your cell phone - maybe it's from your camera. It could be a recent pic, and it could also be from the past.

If you haven't joined in lately, I hope this will be the week you jump back aboard. Friday's word will be "moment."

In addition to the photo you send (I encourage you to send in either one or two pics), there's a new optional component. Feel free to add a sentence or two to describe the moment if you'd like. No pressure on that. Totally up to you.

There are all kinds of special moments happening in our lives as of late. New school year. Labor Day boating excursions. Grilling burgers on the deck. Time spent at the park. What sort of moments have you been capturing on your camera lately?

Here's one I captured yesterday afternoon.

It was bike-riding moment. Lovely trail. Quiet, crisp breeze. Peaceful.

I look forward to seeing your photos.
Please email or text them anytime between now and Friday morning. Thanks!

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  1. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Your "biking riding" MOMENT looks like it was taken WHILE you were on the bike ..... rolling down the trail!!!!!!!