Music Monday: Labor Day Edition

Good Monday morning to you.
It's Labor Day!
Are you working?
Riding your bike?
Watching a Netflix series?
Playing frisbee?
Cooking beets?
Walking your parrot?

Whatever you're doing - I hope it is an enjoyable day for you!

Here are some songs for your Labor Day week.
All the songs have some version of the word "work" in either the title or the lyrics!

Wheel by John Mayer
"And that's the way this wheel keeps working now"

I don't even know what this song is about.
But seriously, just treat her right, okay?

This concept for this song doesn't apply as much to pastor schedules.

We Can Work it Out by The Beatles
I wish all foreign policy meetings could begin with a group sing of this classic.

Modern Love by David Bowie
"It's not really work, it's the just the power to charm."

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