Music Monday & SNAP Challenge

Could you live on $3.86 a day in food? That's $27 a week.

It's SNAP Challenge week through Channel One. Participants are invited to spend less than $4.00 a day on food. I've learned in only one day that this is no small task! Why $27/week? Here's a great explanation from the Channel One blog.

The goal of the SNAP Challenge is to increase awareness around poverty and hunger in Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin by facilitating a meaningful personal experience for participants and drawing media attention to the hardships faced by SNAP recipients.  While the SNAP Challenge cannot give participants a true sense of living in deep or prolonged poverty, it can provide insight into some of the hardships people confront while receiving SNAP.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) is meant to supplement a household’s food budget to help people put nutritious food on the table.  Unfortunately, many people struggle to stretch their benefits to the end of the month, and some are forced to visit food banks or experience food insecurity.  The average individual on SNAP in Minnesota receives $27 a week or $3.86 a day.  Follow us all week long as we share the stories of local leaders who have committed to this challenge share their experiences.  

I'm serving as one of the official bloggers for the week. Here's a link: Channel One Blog. Are you interested in joining?

And now, a soundtrack for your week....

The Fox by Ylvis
(I LOVE THIS SONG. It's a silly, brilliant Youtube sensation.)

Night Still Comes by Neko Case

Trying to Be Cool by Phoenix

Wait by M83

Love Illumination by Franz Ferdinand

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