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Also - how about a new Word of the Week?
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Are you watching the current and final season of Breaking Bad? Only click the following link IF you have watched the most recent episode. It is a brilliantly written perspective by Allen St. John entitled, "Why Breaking Bad is the Best Show Ever and Why That Matters."

My favorite line of the article: "One by one, each of the characters we care about have had their lives systematically torn apart." That's just how it feels while you're watching it! Painful!

Another great line: "Now as it’s on the verge of delivering an ending that’s surprising, inevitable, and wholly earned, Breaking Bad seems poised to become something else. The Best. Show. Ever. And maybe too, one of the most important."

It WAS a mind-blowing episode (as they all have been this season).
I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left.
What a show. What a show. What a show. You watching? 
I really want to start a small group where we talk about the theology of Breaking Bad!
Now some additional, more light-hearted links...

Do you like to see things WAY up close?
Check out Microscopic Views on Twitter for images like this....(a bee face)

Have you heard of Jen Hatmaker?
I heard her speak at a conference in Rochester earlier this year.
She's a riot.
Seriously. Hilarious.
And compassionate. 
And she's soon to have her own reality show!
So fun!

I have a lot of cucumbers in my life lately.

Prepare yourself for a beautiful quote by Carl Sagan...

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  1. Hmmmm. The framed "Calculus" page and heart (LED's, resistors, ... on circuit board) gives me ideas for this techy guy's office d├ęcor....ha.