All Aboard

Are you curious to imagine what life was like for Christopher Columbus and the gang?  Make your way to Lake City and you can board amazing replicas of Nina and Pinta! On July 16, the boats will be heading to Winona.  Here's the full schedule.

While I was on the boats, I realized I have no sea legs. I got nauseated, and the boats weren't even out at sea! They just right there in the marina. The sea-sickness was a little surprising because I totally love paddle-boating. Apparently paddle boats and Columbus replica ships have a different feel.  That being said, it was still a really cool experience.  Here - read some more about these boats!

Marion Renault, a current intern at the Post-Bulletin, wrote a nice blurb a few days ago on the Nina and the Pinta.  Check it out here.

For some reason, I really liked to refer to the Nina as the "ship of dreams" while I was aboard. I'm not sure why. The ship of dreams was the Titanic.

And now some photos of the splendor....

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