A Visit to Des Moines

I had a vacation day on Wednesday, so I woke up - got ready - and hit the road.  First stop....bathroom break.  Second stop....Jethros in Des Moines. BBQ with two college pals, Russ and Becky - and their youngest son, Wesley.  They have Henry, too, and I can't wait to meet that little guy!

Our lunch was delightful and I'm so thankful we got to catch-up!


Next stop...BROTHER TIME!  We hiked, we visited Funky Finds, we ate mushroom pizza at Fongs, and we looked at sculptures. The time flew right by.  Brother time is certainly a favorite hobby of mine! I headed back home on Thursday morning around 7:30am. Des Moines, I love you.

First stop: a 4-mile hike!  Along the Clive Greenbelt Trail.


Our next stop was Funky Finds near downtown Des Moines.  It is a great place to go if you love the 1950s and 1960s.  They have all kinds of furniture, albums, hats, and other random mid-century treasures.  I loved it.  Josh got a cool mug and I got a really weird shirt!



Next stop: Pappajohn Sculpture Park. This downtown park is a wonderful place to roam around and explore.

Final stop: A walk downtown and then Fongs! DELICIOUS PIZZA!  They have gluten-free options and non-dairy options.  We picked "Shroomin'" and they even did half-dairy, half-non-dairy for us.  It was flavorful and terrific.  They have all kinds of great beers and cocktails, too.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fongs.  


Love you, bro-bro!  Thanks for the hospitality and the fun.

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