Music Monday + Juice + Word of the Week + Earth Day

It's tune time:

Overgrown by James Blake

Recover by CHVRCHES {my current favorite song!!!}

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Dark Again by Gold Fields

Blue Eyes by The Chevin

In honor of Earth Day, I made some juice first thing this morning...

Sprouts, grapefruits, a green apple, and carrots


Then I started a new batch of baby sprouty-sprouts....


And then after discovering that wheatgrass is gluten-free, I ordered this....

A 5-pound bucket of wheatgrass seeds! Get ready for a wheatgrass party, people!

Here's Friday's word.  We've had a lot of break weeks lately, so hopefully you're TOTALLY READY to jump back in.  I hope so!  Show me some GREEN!

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