Flourish Update

I started the Flourish Plan in February - and it's time to check back in.
The plan has 4 parts: Eat - Sleep - Move - Pause

Eat: Going very well!

Sleep:  NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!  I'm staying up too late!
This week's goal: asleep by 10:30pm 

Move: I'm walking plenty but not getting much for intense cardio or strength training.
This week's goal: Complete intense cardio 2 times per week and yoga/strength training 1 time per week.

Pause:  This is an ongoing growth area.  But I AM finding some blocks of time for creativity, adventure, and reading (as well as life beyond work).  It takes an intentional focus, but I'm making definite progress.  And that feels good.  

All in all - I'm getting there, day by day.

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