Kitchen Adventures: Sprouting

5 days ago, I began my newest adventure in building a happy, healthy life.

I got the seeds and sprouter through Amazon:

-Sprout House Sprouts

I'm hoping to eat the sprouts on salads and juice them, too!

Below are the photos of my progress so far!
I still have a few days to go before my first batch is ready.

Have you ever grown sprouts?
It's really fun!
I just need to water them twice a day.

 I started the four trays of sprouts on Friday night.
2 trays of alfalfa sprouts and 2 trays of a mix from the Sprout House.

End of day #1 (sprout mix).

End of day #2 (alfalfa).
 End of day #3.

End of day #3.


  1. Too funny! I actually had to grow sprouts for my Biostats class a couple years ago. I didn't actually try them, but I do remember they smelled as they were "sprouting".

    1. :) They are pretty tasty! I tried some today even though they weren't quite ready.