"Check it out" list.

Today's column in the Post-Bulletin is about a recent Saturday night adventure.  Hint: I stayed up past my bedtime!  Click here for the full story.  

Have you seen any good movies lately? Read any great articles or books? How about podcasts? Any amazing blogs you're enjoying these days? Here's my current "Check it out" list.

Documentaries are my favorite type of film. I like all kinds, but lately I am enamored with docs. Here are a few I've enjoyed recently:

Ecstasy of Order: I checked this out from the Rochester Public Library, and I'm so glad I did!  My family and I watched it over the weekend.  It's about people who love the video game Tetris.  But actually, it's about more than video games.  I thought it was both entertaining and heart-warming.  

Raw Faith:  This is another gem from the library.  It's about a few years in the life of a Unitarian pastor. She so bravely shares about her own experiences growing up.  I was very inspired by her brave willingness to be transparent about some of the struggles of ministry life.  And there's a happy ending!

Redirect:  I think this is a great book.  I'm only a few chapters in, but I definitely recommend it. It's about the science of psychological change.  I wouldn't categorize it as a self-help book.  It's much more of a toolkit for how to break negative patterns of thought and behavior.     

What the Most Successful People do on the Weekend:  I haven't read this book, but I heard the author interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, Tranquility du Jour.  In addition to this new e-book, Laura Vanderkam also wrote 168 Hours.  She is all about empowering people to make the most of the time they're given.  In the interview I heard about this new book, she gave some great tips about how to use your time off. 

My friend Clint is on the front-page of the newspaper today!
Be sure to read the article!  It's a wonderful, heart-warming story about a watch, a friendship, and an affinity for the Lone Ranger.

Sigur Ros: It took me far too long to learn about this fantastic band from Iceland.  Their music is hypnotic and mellow.  I love to listen to it at work, even though I can't understand the words to most of the songs. Enjoy it through Spotify or Youtube, and if you like it, buy their new album.  

Nature time:  I am so incredibly ready for spring!  I took this photo the other day at Silver Lake Park in Rochester.  It was cold and windy, and the experience made me even more ready for warmer days.  Soon enough, right?  Soon enough.  

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  1. I walked down the aisle to a Sigur Ros song :)