Thankful Thursday & Movie!

Happy Thankful Thursday.

This week, I rejoice in....

-a wonderful, supportive text study group
-time with a gal pal at Chesters, my favorite restaurant
-another week of clean eating
-new ideas
-excitement to see my mom tonight!
-time with an amazing pal who will soon be leaving to take a new pastor call
-premarital retreat
{more on this coming soon}

I look forward to hearing from you!
What's on your list?

And now for a few additional items:

#1:  Here's the PB column this week.  It includes a lovely list of Bible verses that have been submitted for the Lenten series.  Check it out.

#2: Did you happen to see this week's Word of the Week for tomorrow?
It's "movie" - I think you can do this one!  For sure!  Please send your pics.

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