Sunday Randomness

Greetings!  Happy Sunday.

Here's an assortment of all kinds of links and videos.

-Three Months by Local Natives
(I love this song on repeat)

-My favorite blogger, Iowa Girl Eats, is preggers!  Exciting.

-Here's some great advice:

-Looking for new hairstyles to try?
Check out The Small Things Blog.
This girl is SO GOOD WITH HAIR.
I love to try her styles, and she provides great instructions.
I tried this one recently....

-Almonds are sure tasty, huh?
But guess what?
They are also mega-bonus healthy!
Here are some facts & an easy recipe.

-I've been making kinds of tasty round energy snacks lately.
Here's a fun recipe I plan to try this week: Energy Bites

An in conclusion, a wonderful Roald Dahl quote:

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