Flourish {but watch the seed intake}

Happy Saturday!
We had the annual premarital retreat at church on Friday night and all day today.
It went great!  So many neat couples.

How's your weekend going?
It's quite rainy in these parts.
And word has it we could be getting some snow tomorrow.

I'm still enjoying the flourish plan.
I've been "clean eating" for nearly 3 weeks, and it's really been easy.
I've enjoyed the higher energy levels and healthier overall approach.

But I have to tell you a small funny story.
It isn't funny in a funny-movie way.
It's more of a "funny in a pathetic way."

So when I get an idea in my head, I REALLY go for it.

For example, I heard a lot about the benefits of seeds.
So I've been going NUTS on them!  Eating seeds all the time.
Seeds in my smoothie.  Seeds on my salad.  Seeds for a snack.
Chia, hemp, flax.  I also read the Omega 3 fats are super good,
so I've been taking a supplement, too.  All seeds, all the time.

But strangely, I have been noticing extra bruises lately -
a sign that something is not right with my beloved platelets.

I suddenly had a thought, "What if seeds impact platelets?"

I googled it - and SURE ENOUGH - seeds are blood thinners!
In fact, all sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are!
For most people, that's a good thing.  But maybe not for everyone.

People who have blood coagulation problems and low platelets are supposed to be careful about their seed intake.  OOPS!  Who knew?!?!  Kind of funny that I've been eating them non-stop for 3 weeks.  Oh well.  Now I know.  Lay off the seeds.  I'll have to ask my hematologist about this next time we chat.

I did a little search on foods that are supposed to help platelet people like me....

Here's a good list {click the link}.

More special foods:

I ordered a special juicer that's perfect for juicing green leafy veggies and wheat-grass.
Maybe I'll start growing wheat-grass again!!!!

Do you like green smoothies?
My pal, Tracy, shared this list earlier this week.
Check it out!

Green Smoothie Combinations

I hope you're having a beautiful weekend.

I'd love to hear what foods you've been loving lately!

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