Over the past week, I've been able to see Lady the Pheasant almost every day.  I mention her in this week's Post-Bulletin column.

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She brings me such joy and peace!  Here's Lady.....

I especially like this one because you can see my neighbor in the background.

My newest project is trying to become friends with Lady using carrots.
I read online that pheasant like all fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, she is not yet interested in my carrots.

I think the problem was that I put them on top of the snow and I should have put
 them in the spot where there wasn't too much snow!  I'll remember for next time!


  1. Dear Emily, my husband is a professor of Wildlife Biology and he says pheasants won't eat carrots. They eat bugs and seeds. He suggests cracked corn or other grains. Good luck!
    - Carol

    1. Carol! Thank you so much for this helpful tip! Where should I buy cracked corn? This is great. Please tell your husband I said, "THANK YOU!" :)

  2. My father made friends with a pair of pheasants by sitting quietly in a lawn chair with cracked corn on the ground in front of him. They came back year after year and eventually would take some from his hand.

    1. :) THAT IS SO COOL!!!!! :) :) :) I'll try this spring/summer! :) :) :)