Hello Lent

Lent is here.  Lent is here.

Let's explore the Bible this year for Lent.
I have a few ideas for how!

#1:  Join my "share your favorite verse" project!
It's my Lenten focus this year for the Post-Bulletin column
Here's today's column (click the link).
I'm inviting people to share their favorite verses,
and I'll share some reflections on Wednesdays!

#2:  Join the "Journey with Jeremiah" blog!
We will read 1-2 chapters a day.
FYI: Jeremiah is a pretty weird book of the Bible,
so PLEASE start with the "Before we Begin" post.

#3:  Take photos.
Did you see the Lenten photo-a-day challenge?
It's a neat project out of "Rethink church."

#4: Worship.
I highly encourage you to worship during Lent - especially on Wednesday nights.  Such a sacred time.  I love midweek Lenten worship.  If you're local - please join us at Zion in Stewartville on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm (dinner before).  If you live in another community, I encourage you to look online or call around and find a midweek service.  

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