GT Express Fan Club

Cookin it

I'm an unofficial member of the GT Express fan club. Are you?
It is SUCH a handy gadget!
And these days, you can find them at Goodwill and Salvation Army.
 Or Ebay (quite cheap)!


This morning, I made my favorite breakfast snack in the GT Express.
It tastes like something from McDonalds - but with a lot less calories (and super inexpensive!).

Here are the ingredients:
1 egg
2 small biscuits (Guess what?  This whole tube was 48 cents at Aldi!)




First, you place the biscuits inside the GT Express.
Then add an egg on top.
Close the gadget - and cook.
For somewhere between 5-6 minutes (depending on how cooked you like everything).
When you are done, it looks like this....

Very portable.  Delicious.  And AWESOME!

And here are some great links for GT Express recipes....

-Maryann's GT Express recipes

Have a great Tuesday!

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