Zechariah gets his voice back!

I'm excited for worship tomorrow.  This time of year is such a delight!  I think I'm finally figuring out how to feel worshipful while leading worship.  I used to be so focused on getting everything right as a worship leader (and those thoughts still fill my mind a lot of the time).  But more and more, I am finding special, sacred moments to really engage in worship even in the midst of pastoral duties.

The gospel lesson for tomorrow is Zechariah: Part 2 (Luke 1:66-80).  A few weeks ago, we learned about Zechariah's encounter with the angel in the temple.  The angel says that Zech and his elderly wife, Liz (Elizabeth) - are going to have a baby even though they are old.  Zech is surprised, to say the least. "Um, that's a nice idea.  But we're old so that's not going to work," he basically says.  The angel says something like, "Oh yes.  Yes, you are having a baby.  And now, since you didn't believe me, you're going to lose your voice for the next 9 months."

In tomorrow's lesson, Zech gets his voice back!  Bonus!  This is the first year I really geared into what that must have been like.  When Zech can finally talk again, he is SO PUMPED!  He's so happy that God is bringing a Savior to the world.  He's so happy that his own son, John, is going to be part of preparing the way.  Zech gets his voice back and can hardly contain his praise and thanksgiving!

It really has me thinking about the power of voice/language/words!  How do we use our voices today?  To build up?  To tear down?  To praise?  To complain?  To share the grace we've received?  To condemn?  To nurture? Our voices are such a gift.....hopefully one doesn't need to lose his/her voice for 9 months in order to really appreciate it.  

I'll post the full sermon later today.  In the meantime, here are some artistic depictions of Zechariah, Elizabeth, and the whole fam. If you click on the photo, it will take you to the original website in which it appeared.

My fav!

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