Lovely Links: Homemade Seasonal Splendor

It's very nearly Christmas.
Are you excited?
 I am.
We have two worship services Sunday.
Three services on Christmas Eve.
And then on Christmas....family time with my momma and bro.

Are you making any homemade gifts or foods or centerpieces this year?
If you're still looking for some ideas, here are a few.....

I love this simple, beautiful idea!

Potato print penguin cards!  A great, kid-friendly activity!

What an adorable, homemade soap dispenser.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas music mixtape?
I heard a GREAT interview with two awesome music-minded fellows
on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday: DJ lo-fi (Andy Cirzan) and Chris Klimek.
They both make an annual mix of obscure Christmas music.  What a great idea!
In an unrelated note,
I got together with friends last night at The Tap House.
And I got to see money from Malawi.

Also interesting: it takes 320 Kwacha to equal $1 in the US.
And Kristen said she can buy two donuts for 20 Kwacha.
Which means donuts in Malawi cost about 3 cents each.
(As a side note, I have no idea if I did that math right).


Here's Malawi on a map.

Have you heard of Anais Mitchell?  She is my current, most-favorite singer!
Listen to her Tiny Desk Concert.  The first song is SUPER sad and beautiful.
The whole set is great.  I hope to see her live at some point!

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