Thankful Thursday

My, oh, my!  I have so much to be thankful for this week.

It is so amazingly amazing what God can do in a week - and even in one day.
Tuesday was a tough one.  
Wednesday was a day of pure blessing upon blessing.  
Isn't it amazing how that works?
And I think God really taught me a lot both days, in different ways.

This week I am thankful for:

-Watching a beautiful congregation brainstorm and vision together about Zion's past, present, and future
-A neat speaking engagement at the Rochester Senior Center
-Meeting new friends
-Being asked for my autograph for the first time (a very humbling experience; people are so nice)
-My text study group....blessing upon blessing with those folks
-Xavier Rudd and his didgeridoo
-Listening to David Sedaris with great friends at the Civic Center & pre-party at Tap House
(or is it THE Tap House?)
-Really encouraging people
-Great editors
-New facebook friends who say nice things
-My workout buddy and co-worker and friend, Ms. Anna
-Tomorrow's "Steps" photos! (Send yours NOW)!



1 comment:

  1. Meals in the crockpot.

    Good conversations, brews at The Tap House.

    David Sedaris

    Grocery shopping with Martha.

    Watching "Skyfall" with Jack.

    Practicing soccer with Katherine.

    Library visits with the kids.

    Good report cards.

    Anticipating my parents' visit for Thanksgiving.

    Locking in Christmas plans.

    Being able to volunteer and serve others.

    Good stories.



    Challenging, fun work with co-workers I appreciate.