Music Monday

Music Monday

A new week has arrived.
Time for a weekly soundtrack.

If you'd like to pretend your life is a movie and you need some background music,
listen to....
Whisper of a Thrill by Thomas Newman

If you're feeling gloomy because you lost your platelets, listen to...
Lovely Day by Bill Withers

If you'd like to inspired by a cool new Minneapolis-area band (of high schoolers),
then Google search: Bomba de Luz

If you enjoy feeling blue sometimes, listen to.....
Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan (I listened to this on repeat in 9th grade)

Just listen to this.
It's Lawrence Welk.
And you will not be able to avoid smiling while watching.

Song to listen to and movie to watch
if you want to see great late 1950s/early 1960s fashion:
Three Coins in a Fountain


  1. Cinemascope AND stereophonic?! Three Coins in a Fountain must be an incredible experience!

    1. :) A great film! Especially great to watch while recovering from an IVIG infusion!