I love garden people.

Last week I attended the Olmsted County Master Gardeners Garden Tour.  Totally inspiring!  I know nothing about flower or plant gardening (and just a tiny bit about vegetable gardening). It's a whole other world yet to be discovered.  

What I do know is this:
I love gardening people!  They are so awesome and earth-oriented! And I love nature!

Also, there's something I really want you to know.

If I had a garden party, I'd definitely invite you.
It would be so fun!
I'd serve my beloved beets.
And we'd watch the corn grow while listening to all the best Lawrence Welk albums of the 1960s.


  1. Another person under the age of 50 who loves Lawrence Welk? I may need to meet you in person and bond over "Calcutta" and "Winchester Cathedral"... ;-)

    1. :) :) :) :) YES! Someday we will hang out in person and it will be great! :)