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Here are some lovely/interesting/amazing links from around the interweb:

Have you ever wondered how a face is formed in the womb?
Check out this amazing video!

In kindergarten I colored outside the lines.
Here's this week's Post-Bulletin column.

Creation is about authenticity - not perfection.

Do you have time to "explore" (see also "waste") on the Internet sometime?
Travel to the Happiness Islands and play around.

Ready to see a fantastic, quirky, heart-warming movie?
I LOVED MOONRISE KINGDOM (my favorite movie of 2012).
Here's the preview.

I have always wanted to combine about 15 or 16 different vocations.
Lately I've become somewhat obsessed with the idea of becoming a graphic design artist.  And I'm fascinated by the realm of communication design.  First step: Learn how to draw/design.  Second step: Figure out how to use the software needed to create visual media.  These first two steps could easily keep me occupied for the next few decades!
If you need a little visual inspiration, check out: The Creative Finder

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