Ideas & Good Earth Village

Last night I started reading the newest issue of The Atlantic.  (Side note: If I read each issue a little at a time, I can get through the whole thing in about a month...before the next issue arrives).  It's the annual "ideas" issue.  In the editor's note, James Bennet writes...

"Experience suggests that it is hard, at the outset, to distinguish the good ideas from the bad, or even to anticipate all the consequences of the good...But nothing moves forward without an idea and without some risk."

I found that to be especially inspiring.  And so very true.

On an unrelated note, here are some photos I took last week at Good Earth Village in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  It's a wonderful camp.  

Reminder: Friday's word is "unique" - you can send a photo of
anything that's special to you!  Looking forward to seeing your photos!

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