TLP: 2012

TLP 2012

A new year has arrived!
I hope you'll join me here each day for more fun, exploration, and adventure.
Here is the daily overview.

Sunday: A Life of Faith
Incorporating faith into everyday life.

A Life of Faith

Monday: Music Monday
Introducing new music, old music, and quirky music.

Music Monday

Tuesday: Cookin' It Up
Once-a-week recipes. Kitchen adventures.

Cookin it

Wednesday: Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista
For fashion-related posts throughout the week,
check out my new Tumblr site.
Here on this blog, I'll post about fashion once a week.

Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Thursday: Thankful Thursday
A personal list of gratitude and thankfulness.
You can jump into the conversation, too!

Thankful Thursday

Friday: Word of the Week or Photo Extravaganza
Some weeks we will continue with our
Word of the Week fun. But now and then,
we will take a break and I'll share photography.

Word of the Week

photo extra

Saturday: Out and About
Reviews and reflections on restaurants, parks, shops, events, and concerts.

Out and About

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  1. Good lineup. Good luck. Happy New Year!