Cookin' It Up: Almost

Cookin it

This week I'd like to share my favorite salad dressing. AND an "almost recipe."
"Almost recipe" means I have all the ingredients and I'm very excited,
but I haven't made it yet.

First off, the salad dressing. It's called Goddess. It's strange and delicious.
Great on spinach or lettuce. A little goes a long way.
You can find it in many grocery stores including Hy-vee and Target.


And now the recipe.
It's called Coconut Banana Kale Smoothie.

Here's the link from Nouveau Raw: Green Smoothie
And here are some of my ingredients
(the bananas are waiting happily in the freezer).


I don't believe we've discussed smoothies or salad dressings for awhile!
Any recommendations?

PS: This week's word (coming up Friday) is Book!
I'm looking forward to your book-related photo!

Book This Week

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