Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday 1.26.12

I am thankful this week for....

-A Fit Bit from my beloved brother!
-Applebee's with Mom
-Great, honest friends
-Confirmation time
-A great Friday night concert at Mt. Olive
-Practicing piano
-Laughing at work
-Downton Abbey (such a great BBC show!)

What are you thankful for this week?
Share a few of your highlights!


  1. • Getting my daughter Katherine to laugh when she's trying to be grumpy.

    • Friends calling to share their great news.

    • Connecting with old friends in person and on Facebook.

    • Playing catch with my son Jack for first time this year.

    • Long conversations with my parents.

    • Rocking in the chairs at the library with my daughter Martha.

    • Laughter.

    • A warm house and hot coffee.

    • Marveling with my kids at the beauty of a crescent moon and Venus nestled brightly nearby in the early evening sky.

  2. This week I am thankful for:

    --Big girl beds and magical alarm clocks that keep the big girl in the bed.
    --Malt-o-meal hot wheat cereal and the man who makes it for me.
    --phone chats
    --forgotten (rediscovered) Christmas chocolate

  3. Getting my hair cut, good food, and books. (ps. I LOVE Downton Abbey!)