Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Time for some fashion-smashion.
But first....

And now, this week's outfit.
Necklace: Herbergers/Tights: QVC Fleecey Tights/Dress: Modcloth/Black Shirt: GAP/Shoes: O & B

What is your favorite accessory?
This question if for both boys and gals!


  1. My favorite fashion accessory is the scarf. I can add a pop of color and keep warm while camouflaging my changing neckline. Growing older has its moments! Love your style today.

  2. Lately it's been lots of bracelets, but I love scarves, too. One day in school we were discussing what we would do if we got an extra $10 to spend. A few students thought I would buy a scarf. =)

  3. This is a guy talking about accessories that I like seeing women wear:
    Tall boots (when seasonally appropriate)