Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday 1.12.12

This week I am thankful for:

-Saying GOODBYE to the stomach bug
-A great hike up a tall, tall tower
-Hearing a wonderful author speak at the Rochester Public Library
-Quarry Hill time
-Ideas and wherever they come from
-Excitement about your Word of the Week pics (the word is RED this week...)
-Getting back to a better novel-reading routine
-Saltine crackers
-Layers and scarves

I'd love for you to share next!
It's Thankful Thursday.
Share a few things (or one thing) you are thankful for this week.


  1. - Homemade birthday cards from my kids.

    - Facebook birthday wishes.

    - Climbing new heights with a great friend.

    - Having time to spend a day with a friend.

    - Receiving a ceramic figurine my grandma Norma made when I was a kid.

    - Story talks with my reporters.

    - Looking at the year ahead and feeling inspired by so much.

  2. My new Droid phone! My amazingly funny and sweet and snuggly kitteh Tasha. My wonderful boyfriend who took me to the aquarium last weekend. OTTERS!!! The snow that's coming today, which I'm trying to see as a winter blessing instead of a curse. A four-day weekend coming up!

  3. - yesterday. all of it.
    - snow in the forecast. (oh! there it is!)
    - baking.
    - daily goals and meeting them.
    - my husband/best friend
    - Kasen's current age and all the growing, learning, and changing that goes with it.
    - new shoes for my big-footed boy, and discovering boots that still fit.

  4. A JOB after six months of unemployment!
    And for friends and family and their unending support for me while I was searching. :)

  5. - Pretty snowflakes
    - Traction tires
    - Wool socks
    - Edenpure heat
    - Candied pineapple rings (YUM!)

  6. Loving these lists!!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to post, folks!

  7. Today I am thankful for:

    - The opportunity to annoy my husband with questions about the Bible and the wonderful responses he provides.
    - Seeing him grow as a person, spouse, and future pastor.
    - The opportunity to do crazy things like put 17 foot boat in the Narthex of our church.
    - A steady income and the ability to share it with others who are not as fortunate.

  8. Lovely list, Carrie! Thanks for participating.